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Juan José - A Dance Journey To The City Of Angels

Juan, a 16 year old teenager living in a small town named Jardin in Columbia wants to be a professional dancer. Juan is very intelligent - a straight A's student with a deep-seated desire to make his mama and papa proud. However, there are many sides to Juan. Juan is determined to travel to Los Angeles, California and is absolutely certain that he will one day become a backup dancer for an outrageously famous pop star. Any outrageously famous pop star will do. To save up for his move to the city of angels, Juan began engaging in multiple money making ventures at the age of 14.

Juan carries around a fake ID that allows him to secure jobs like stripping and bartending. Juan also works various odd jobs in his spare time - he works as a professional mourner and a pro queuer. As a professional mourner, Juan attends funerals to increase their turnout. He figures the job would be a good way to utilize his talent to cry on cue. On the weekends, Juan stands in long lines for rich people who have lots of money to spend on new technology. They pay him well for his patience.

In the summer of his 17th year, Juan packs two bags, kisses his mama and papa goodbye and gets on a plane bound for Los Angeles, California where all of his dreams will finally come to fruition.

When Juan reaches Los Angeles, he changes his name to JJ and begins taking dance classes at popular dance studios like Cranium Dance Complex, Groovement Lifestyle and the Funhouse. Soon Juan becomes popular amongst his peers. He is easy to talk to and is able to make everyone feel comfortable around him. Juan works hard and loves a challenge. He loves to take risks and loves to live on the edge. Juan attends all of the dance events in the city and soon finds himself attending some high profile events as well. At one of these events, Juan meets a familiar face - someone who will one day give his life a whole new trajectory.


dancer in silhouette performing a dance pose

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