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Train or Just Have Fun.
Number 1 Hip hop dance classes Toronto

Oma is a choreographer, teacher, dancer and artist. Oma offers a safe and welcoming environment for professional dancers, pre-professional dancers and recreational dancers to learn, exchange knowledge, improve dance skills and most importantly, let loose and have fun. Check out our online dance classes and join in on our online dance fitness classes.


Available Classes #AdultDanceClassesToronto

  • Hip hop dance classes toronto - high energy movements that incorporate rocks, bounce and waves performed to upbeat hip hop music #HiphopDanceClassesToronto.

  • Afro-soul: African cultural dance inspired movements performed to Afro music #AfrobeatsDanceClasses.

  • FlexibilityImprove breath awareness while increasing your range of movement.

  • BalletFit: This class uses ballet exercises such as jumps, petit allegro, barre work, e.t.c, to create a work out regimen that gets your heart pumping, improves your range of motion and helps you maintain overall physical health.

Number 1 Online Dance Classes

We are currently offering classes online. Classes available include Hip hop, Afro-soul, BalletFit, Contemporary (coming soon) and Flexibility (coming soon). To schedule an in-person private class, send an email to and Oma will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Number 1 Online Dance Fitness Classes

We recently began offering dance fitness classes online. We are excited to introduce this new addition to our list of programs. Check out BalletFit !

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